A Letter to the Association in Charge of Accrediting ASU as an Educational Institution

Dear Higher Learning Commission,

          I am writing to file a fraud and abuse complaint against Arizona State University and request a focused evaluation be setup to review the multiple instances of the school disregarding basic Assumed Practices at an accredited university. The administration neglected to require faculty to abide by any ethical policies regarding privacy of personal student information, nepotism, and conflict of interest as it pertains to their role as educators and artists. I started the grievance process on March 17, 2016 to resolve a FERPA violation which quickly escalated to a hostile academic environment. On May 19, 2016, the Office of Equity and Inclusion started to investigate my complaint. In response the Photography Department academically retaliated against me. On July 8, 2016, the Photography faculty decided to rescind my teaching assistantship based on fraudulent claims of “disrupting the academic environment” and “not being in good academic standing, nor academically progressing” after encountering medical issues and withdrawing from full time enrolment. The administration went to such considerable length to discredit my reputation and discrimination claims that days after I posted a series of hostile emails sent from my graduate school peers and evidence of  faculty FERPA violations on Facebook, the administration falsely accused me of threatening a faculty member, suspended and banned me from campus as a safety threat. Five months after I initiated the grievance procedure to gain assistance navigating a culturally insensitive department, the School of Art created a public safety spectacle in lieu of any actual administrative remedy. When first alerting the Arizona State Police, the administration failed to provide the photograph and the subject title of the email which clearly marked it as a work of art not a threat. Additionally, the School of Art concealed other innocuous emails I sent the same faculty member just a day after. This incident was the culmination of their pattern to discredit my complaints by slandering my mental health in the midst of recovering from a traumatic medical operation and losing my housing as a result of domestic abuse. This falls into the category of  fraud and mental abuse. The School of Art did not have sufficient nor properly trained support staff to deal with the needs of students and unprofessional faculty. Aside from defending faculty actions and assaulting my reputation with a false narrative to account from my absence from school and delegitimize my complaints, they have not provided any remedy. My suspension camouflaged their inability to follow basic assumed practices, to properly resolve student grievances. This failure has not only prevented me from continuing with my education, but has damaged my professional reputation as an educator.

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