Supplementary Materials for Fraud & Abuse Complaint:


  1. The discrimination complaint submitted on my behalf to the Department of Education by U.S. Senator Merkley on February 25, 2017.
  2. Evidence to counter the School of Art’s official narrative that I was in “poor academic standing” and “ not progressing academically” during my first year of graduate school.
  3. My academic transcript (which has been recently changed to falsely omit any reference to two of the four classes that I withdrew from in the Spring 2016 semester).
  4. Two professional development and research awards grants that I was awarded by the Arizona State University’s Graduate School.
  5. My school’s chair’s letter of recommendation and subsequent acceptance to a highly competitive class offered campus wide to graduate school students to prepare them for a future career as academic faculty members .
  6. My CV to illustrate my professional background and a context for my academic retaliation.
  7. Email correspondence to supplement timeline of events.

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