United States Department of Education Discrimination Complaint  

Faculty Members who took part in discriminatory actions:

Betsy Schneider, Adriene Jenik, Mark Klett, Binh Dahl, Julie Annad, Liz Allen, William Jenkins, Stephen Marc    



I am seeking a resolution for the discriminatory practices and hostile work environment I faced during my first year of my MFA degree at Arizona State University. Due to the multiple health problems I encountered during my studies, I was treated differently from my graduate peers,  Although I went through the required academic channels and  received confidential medical accommodations from the school’s  Disability Resource Center, the faculty insisted on repeatedly  discussing my health issues during presentations of my work and discussed my enrollment status in the middle of teaching class. The inappropriate manner in which the photo faculty handled my medical issues created a learning environment with no boundaries. The faculty suggested multiple times that I discuss in a public forum of my peers – traumatic medical experiences as they were occurring. When I asked  the administration for assistance dealing with the matter I was ignored and meet with retaliation from faculty. In order to avoid the hostilities that arose, I had to remove myself from participating in a seminar class and a required department wide academic work review presentations. The photography faculty’s bias toward my PTSD, transgender status, age, experience and concurrent medical issues lead to me being treated as a second class graduate student.  The faculty withheld academic support in the following ways :

  1. Changing my graduate advisor after I complained about a lack of response  from the faculty to my email communication.
  2. Denying my request for networking opportunities with curators in my field,
  3. Excluded me from organizing & participating in a local professional conference
  4. Rejected my request to circumvent the hostile academic environment at ASU by spending the Fall 2016 semester off site in Rochester, NY. I had a previously arranged an independent practicum with Professor Gregory Sales from the intermedia department that I wanted to pursue online. I wanted also to explore the possibility of pursuing a PHD in Visual and Cultural Studies and audit classes at the University of Rochester.
  5. Rescinding my scholarship and paid teaching assistantship under fraudulent pretenses and notifying me on the start date of the my assistantship.

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